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Confused By The World Of Web Hosting? Follow This Solid Advice!
December 17, 2012 3:32 am|Comments (0)

Whether you are setting up a family website or you need to administer an enterprise-level e-commerce solution, the web page hosting company you choose is of the highest importance. To make sure you find a web host that will help you show your site to the world, take a look at these helpful tips.

Go for Linux hosting unless you need to use certain applications or server-side languages. Linux hosting has a better reputation for uptime, stability, and resource use. Shared hosting that runs on Linux tends to be somewhat less expensive, as well. There are, however, certain applications that need Windows hosting, including Plesk, Microsoft Access, Silverlight, MSSQL, and Continue reading “Confused By The World Of Web Hosting? Follow This Solid Advice!” »

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OpenStack Is Your Community Solution To Open Source Cloud Servers
August 8, 2012 7:57 pm|Comments (0)

Cloud solutions instantly control and optimize resource use by leveraging a metering capacity at some degree of abstraction appropriate for the type of service (e.g., storage, processing, bandwidth, and active user accounts). Resource use could be supervised, controlled, and reported providing transparency for both the provider and customer of your utilized service.The open-source OpenStack cloud platform is out with its 5th major release today, delivering new functions for clouds. OpenStack enjoys the support of more than 150 companies, including big names like Rackspace, Cisco, Dell, AT&T, Vexxhost and HP, most of whom are building clouds with OpenStack technology The open-sources good for the orchestration component if you have the features you needed with no vendor lock. Continue reading “OpenStack Is Your Community Solution To Open Source Cloud Servers” »

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3 Main Elements That Flipped My Business to Vexxhost Cheap Cloud Hosting
July 31, 2012 1:43 pm|Comments (0)
Cheap Cloud web hosting business is getting very competitive and sensitive business due to growing competition on the market place, boosting number of new players, investments of big IT giants into this business, and large mergers of cloud hosting companies. In such conditions, everybody is interested in getting good services on inexpensive cost. This principle get materialized only if some basic cloud hosting companies like Vexxhost cloud hosting company comes forward on the horizon of this business. Vexxhost cloud hosting company is not a new entrant into this business but it has remarkable functions and ideas that are attracting many small and medium businesses to its world class cheap cloud hosting services.Probably such business that considered Vexxhost way is mine; I was amazed and allured by three wonderful factors of Vexxhost cloud hosting company and thus I turned my business to Vexxhost cheap cloud hosting . I will give you the information of those three benefits here so that you can also get really benefit from my real life advice. Continue reading “3 Main Elements That Flipped My Business to Vexxhost Cheap Cloud Hosting” »
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Web Hosting InMotion Hosting and Dot5Hosting – Services’ Analysis
July 11, 2012 11:38 pm|Comments (0)


These two Web Hosting offer the basic services at same price most of the similar features; but still there are few different features in the services provided by InMotion web hosting company and Dot5Hosting Company. We are going to analyze these similar as well as different types of services, which these companies provide to their respective customers.

We are going to describe the difference and similarity in terms of technical, commercial and customer support perspective under respective headings; for both Web Hosting providers.

Technical Aspect

There are many similarities and a few differences of features in the services of these two Web Hosting in term of technical related matters. The major difference of these services is that Dot5Hosting company uses v-Deck Control panel which is a bit different the control panel used in Inmotion web hosting company. InMotion Company uses well known c-panel control panel; this panel has great ease of using and many great security and other features. InMotion provides only 25 sub domains with basic service plan while Dot5Hosting provides it unlimited. Dot5Hosting provides unlimited parked domains while InMotion provides only 6 numbers. InMotion provides FTP account up 1000 while the same is unlimited in Dot5Hosting basic service plan. There is an unlimited MySQL service in Dot5Hosting while the same is not available with InMotion web hosting services.

Now we are going to describe those technical features which are similar in both Web Hosting. Both of these companies give you unlimited disk space and bandwidth for your data storage and data transfer. Both companies provide complimentary data backups and free domain transfer. All hardware and software technologies are almost similar in both companies. You get options of well known developing software and content management tools. You get 99.9% or more uptime in both companies.

Commercial Aspect

Commercially, the basic plan in our consideration for analysis is being offered on the similar price by both of the companies. There are some additional offers based on contracts with both companies; you can get two years or more duration contract for getting better prices and discounts.

Both Web Hosting offer Google ad words and other marketing credits; but Dot5Hosting offers more credit than InMotion does. Dot5Hosting offers Google ads credit of $ 100 plus other social network credit while InMotion gives you only $ 75 Google ads credit.

InMotion provides 90 days money back guarantee for their customers if they are not satisfied with the services while Dot5Hosting offers 30 days money back guarantee to their customers against their investment of the services of Dot5Hosting Company.

Customer Support Aspect

Both Web Hosting Customer support is one the key factor that both companies try to concentrate. They provide technical and commercial related issues support round the clock and seven days a week. Their well trained and skilled customer care representatives can easily be reached with the help of different modes of communications. These include toll free phones, emails, short messaging, instant messaging, and trouble ticking systems.

Both of this Web Hosting provides services at almost same price but features of the services vary substantially from one another.


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VEXXHOST WebHosting Company Became Official Control Panel Partner
June 19, 2012 3:07 pm|Comments (0)
The identified web hosting news composed that VEXXHOST is well known Canadian web hosting service provider that provides very affordable fully featured shared web hosting from $2.49 month and superior cloud servers. Based on company CEO, 29 May 2011 identified Canadian shared and cloud hosting provider VEXXHOST became the official partner of control panel Inc.

cPanel Inc provides cpanel software for website hosts. control panel is well known software, hosting cpanel with front user and backend admin web interface. control panel helps thousand of website hosts to manage their hosting business. cpanel software has reputation of most advanced cpanel on the web hosting market with great number of features. control panel also is the most famous hosting cpanel around the world.

Here is what VEXXHOST CEO said about the partnership with control panel Inc:
“Its great news for us and our clients to be official partner of control panel. It opens new abilities for us in terms of providing unique hosting solutions for better pricing and closely cooperate with control panel in terms of development and improvment of their great products” – saying CEO of VEXXHOST. We can only congratulate VEXXHOST with this important step in their self-development as hosting company.

Datacenter has that their advanced Data-center enables Vexxhost to roll out the most recent technologies as they are released. The larger and sophisticated infrastructure lets them for future growth while leaving a large overhead for large usage spikes. The whole Datacenter is run by renewable hydroelectric energy that makes them among the rare Data center with a low environmental impact.

Cisco will be the market’s leader in networking equipment, they have an incredibly well-known reputation for their reliable equipment. Our networking hardware is powered by Cisco routers & switches. The level of redundancy on our network permits us to sustain multiple & simultaneous network hardware failures, as well as connectivity losses. We operate our own network that employs BGP that may tolerate numerous provider problems.

Green Hosting
We have replaced our UPS systems with a more advanced DRUPS system. A DRUPS comprises an electric motor, a fly-wheel along with a diesel generator. Under normal operation the primary power drives the fly-wheel and generator offering the data centre. In the event of a primary power failure, the kinetic energy within the fly-wheel keeps the system running as the diesel engine starts and so the generator gets control of.

Contrary to most common Internet hosting providers, we pride ourselves of employing their hardware. Most hosting companies choose to build their own servers, which could never be as reliable as Dell servers, primarily because of the high degree of testing in Dell servers; hardware compatibility has run out of the equation.

We believe in simplicity and ease of use, when you submit a ticket, it’s reviewed by our system engineers plus they solve the ticket directly, regardless of the level of complexity. If you are having issues installing a script or complex issues for example settings problems on servers, you’re going to get a quick to-the-point reply.

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Vexxhost Web Hosting and HostMerchant Services Starts Partnership To Offer World Class Credit Card Processing Services.
June 16, 2012 11:26 pm|Comments (0) published that Vexxhost web hosting chooses Host Merchant Services as a partner to processes customers credit cards as this company platform is easy, accurate and friendly to use. From small business that have very little income, many Credit card companies charges a big percentage fee which seems to be not acceptable to those with low income business or start up ones. But with Host Merchant they having no contracts or any hidden fees up to the important details such as a locked-in lifetime rate that will never change and free equipment (such as terminals and supplies) for customers that do offline credit card processing. Host Merchant Services always goes to make sure that the customer is getting the best treatment they can possibly get.

For this reason ; Vexxhost approached and presented Host Merchant Services to their customers and have the advantage of this opportunity that Host Merchant Services presents for their customers, it was undeniable that HMS works with their customer’s best interests. All of our existing and new web hosting customers are now eligible for a $75 voucher that will cover their credit card processing fees, which means that all of VEXXHOST customers can now get started and offer payments via credit card either on their online e-commerce website or even in their store, as Host Merchant Services is not limited to online credit card processing. VEXXHOST customers can get started by simply clicking the “Merchant Account” icon from their cPanel control panel to get started. For more read here ….

VEXXHOST offers the latest enterprise and stable technologies to their clients at low cost. Starting from shared web hosting, semi-dedicated web hosting, reseller web hosting all up until cloud hosting and cloud servers. Their high quality service coupled with their affordable pricing makes them a high contender in a saturated market. VEXXHOST is a private debt-free company based in Montreal, Canada. The strategic location of their datacenter located in a centralized location between the United States, Europe & western Canada allows for low latency and high transfer speeds. To find more, go to this full vexxhost reviews page.

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Web Hosting Yahoo Small Business Hosting & Dream Host – An Analytical View
June 9, 2012 12:50 pm|Comments (0)

Web hosting solutions of Yahoo small business solutions and Dream Host web hosting Company are bit costlier as compared to other such services available on the market place. These services are almost of the same features that are available with any budget web hosting company, but the prices are roughly double. We are going to talk about the services in terms of their features of these two companies.

First of all we are going to analyze about the pricing schemes and related plans of these two companies. Small business solutions of Yahoo are selling their basic web hosting services to the customers on the basis of different time duration plans. They start from one month to one year and more. For just one month you need to pay as much as $ 12.95 per month, and for next three months you need to pay average of $ 8.96 per months, even further for one year you need pay as an average of $ 7.46 per month.

While, as per Dream Host pricing plans, you need pay at the rate of $ 8.95 per month; this offer is also along with free trial period. Dream Host web hosting Company offers 97 days of money back guarantee their customers while Yahoo offers only 30 days money back guarantee to their customers.

Network uptime of these both Web Hosting companies is more than 99.9%; even they claim almost equal to 100% of network uptime excluding regular intimated glitches or degradation of services. They both offer their services on great hardware and software platforms. They use great control panels for their services; both companies use different control panels for their services. They have their own web based solutions which are very effective, easy to use, and secure in terms of network and data security.

They both use secure and open sources platforms like Linux and other open source systems. They offer many features based on unlimited boundaries. These unlimited services include unlimited data disk space, unlimited bandwidth usage, unlimited emails, and others.

Dream Host provides unlimited hosted domains, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited FTP, SSH, and SFTP users while the same features are limited to certain boundaries in the services of Yahoo small business solutions.

Both these Web Hosting use very secure and robust software for their solutions in their networks. These companies are supported by highly technical experts at back office. Especially, Yahoo is a big name in internet, web hosting, and cloud computing solutions.

Yahoo provides great features of web tools for customizations, reports, analysis, and traffic analysis. Dream Host provides you many e-commerce, and click to install templates and modules for better experience of web hosting.

Customer service and support of both companies is based on round the clock. We skilled and well trained customer representatives are available on different modes of communications like toll free telephone numbers, email systems, instant messaging system, others. Trouble ticking systems of both companies are in place and any complaint can be lodged and followed up till its resolution.

Both Web Hosting have very competitive features in comparison with each other.

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Host Papa & CanadianWebHosting A Canadian Hosting Providers
June 8, 2012 8:59 pm|Comments (0)

This is very interesting to compare the services of these two Canada based web hosting companies because they share similar type of physical, geographical, and environmental issues and constraints. These both companies offer budget services to their clients. They are similar in most of the cases but there are few differences which will also be described separately.

Difference in the services of Canadian Web hosting and Host Papa

There are many similarities in the services of these two companies but few minor differences are also present there. One of the major differences, which are very notable in terms of commercial perspective, is that Canadian Web hosting Company offers minimum monthly rate as low as $ 3.95 per month on the basis of 5 years plan; while Host Papa Web hosting Company provides the minimum services at the same monthly price based on 3 year plan. Another major difference is that Canadian Web hosting Company offers 60 days money back guarantee plan while Host Papa offers 30 days money back guarantee.

Host Papa uses completely renewable sources of energy and claim 100% green and 0% of green house gas footprint; while the same is not right for Canadian Web hosting Company. Canadian Web hosting Company uses normal form of energy available on the market place and using legacy generating systems.

Ecommerce and paid traffic getting credits policy of Host Papa is better than Canadian Web hosting Company. Host Papa offers great package of credits on different search engines, pay to click sites and social networks; while Canadian Web hosting Company lags behind Host Papa Company.

Canadian Cloud hosting company does not provide unlimited sub domains and unlimited parked domains; while on the other hand Host Papa hosting company provides these features unlimited basis.

Similarities in the services of Canadian Web hosting and Host Papa

There are many similarities in the services and feature of these two companies. Both of these companies provide multiple options for price plans based on different duration based contracts. These both companies offer customer services round the clock with similar type of communication modes available to contact the customer representatives. These representatives can be accessed through emails, toll free numbers, TT systems, instant chatting etc.

Another common feature of these two companies is that they maintain their networks with more that 99.9% of availability so their uptime is also similar. They also offer freedom of similar types of programming technologies like PHP 5, Perl, and many other free scripts etc. Both of companies provide secure access and transportation of data. Both companies offer same type of control panels; they use feature rich c-panel for its great security, reliability, and ease of use.

These both companies provide major features of the services based on unlimited use like unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited emails, unlimited email forwarding, and unlimited add-on domains.

They both provide almost similar types of advance technical features and options like MySQL, Python, SSI, GD Library, and others. Log management and traffic analysis managers are also commonly provided for better business intelligence and other related data mining issues.

In general, all basic components are same but few market related features are different.

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Make The Most From Your Web Hosting Efforts By Following These Tips
June 6, 2012 9:42 pm|Comments (0)

Whether you operate a site for personal or commercial purposes, a reliable web hosting service is an absolute must. With so many different options available, however, it can be difficult to find a web hosting service that meets your needs. Fortunately, this article offers a variety of tips and advice that can help to demystify web hosting.

A good web hosting provider should have good, responsive customer service, so be sure to consider this when choosing a host. Find out how quickly they respond to problems or complaints that their customers have. You want to choose a host that will work to quickly and professionally resolve any problems you encounter.

Don’t purchase a web hosting plan just because it offers unlimited disk space or bandwidth. Compare these plans with plans that offer a reasonable amount of space and bandwidth to determine which is the best plan for your needs. Sometimes plans that offer a finite amount of space or bandwidth are better for your particular needs than plans that offer unlimited quantities of space or bandwidth.

When selecting a web host, consider how much the host costs. Some hosts charge on a per-year basis while some may be month-to-month. Look for a host that costs an average of about $5 per month as this will most likely give you a great value for your money as opposed to a free hosting site that may not offer as many options.

Web hosting is a very volatile and risky business. Therefore, the web hosting companies can experience many ups and downs, and many companies do not make it. Therefore, it is important not only to do your research, but make sure you understand the conditions behind the environment. Choose your web hosting company wisely.

When selecting a web host, it’s vital that you choose one that has excellent support. Although it’s important for a host to have lots of experience, they can’t avoid all problems. Something is bound to go wrong at some point. When this occurs, having a solid support system set up is crucial. You can test out a host’s support system by sending in an email or a support ticket. If you don’t receive a response within the next couple of days, then you should probably search for another host.

Web hosts have to update their servers regularly and your site will be unavailable when this occurs. Look for a service that lets you know in advance when your site will be down and which updates their servers at a time of the day where you are not getting a lot of visits.

Many web hosts offer their users multiple packages from which to choose. It is important for you to find a package that fits your needs and that is within your budget. There are some discounts that hosts will offer with their packages. Take the time to ask about the offered discounts.

If you’re thinking about selecting a particular web host, then you should first check out the reviews of their services. However, you should be careful because a lot of reviews can be faked. Make sure that the reviews provide the domain name that the customer uses with the host. If they do, then it’s likely a legitimate review. If the host has a lot of legitimate excellent reviews, then you can be confident that this is an excellent one to choose.

Look for a money back guarantee. Look for a minimum of a 14 to 30 day money back guarantee with any company you are considering as your web host. If a company is reliable as they claim, they should be willing to back that claim up. This will also allow you to really get a good look at the company and experience their service before you lose your money for good.

You need to find a host that offers 24/7 customer support. Issues can arise at any hour of the day and you need to work with a web host that will be able to help you right away so that your site works the way that it is supposed to work.

The information you have just read will make it easier to make your website and content available to your target audience. The right web hosting provider can make a world of difference in the speed, quality and efficiency of your website.

Keep these tips in mind as you explore your different options.

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VEXXHOST and FatCow Hosting A Comparative Analysis
June 2, 2012 8:48 pm|Comments (0)

Both Vexxhost and FatCow web hosting companies are very well know in this domain of business for their best quality of services provided to their customers. Both of the companies have different good and competitive features that make them competitor to each other. We are going to describe these great technical and commercial features of these two companies in comparison with each other.

Control Panel & Other Technologies 
VEXXHOST Company uses C-panel for as its platform of service provisioning; while the FATCOW has its own customized control panel for their provisioning of the services. C-panel is considered to be one of the most used and most reliable control panels in the field of web hosting technology. Although customized control panel used by FatCow is also very good and easy to use with similar level of security features.

Salient Technical Features
Few of the most common features of the web hosting services provided on the market place are disk space, data transfer, MySQL databases, Add-on domains, parked domains, and sub-domains etc. VEXXHOST provide all these without any limit or unlimited. FatCow has some policy restrictions on few very important features like, disk space, transfer bandwidth, hosted domains, MySQL databases, and POP3/IMAP inboxes. They offer these features under fair use policy and call it as OODLES. A customer can use them as per their needs but cannot use them out of normal use limits that cover only about 0.05% of total customer base.

Both of the companies offer free domain name and free set up and free domain transfer. They also offer different technical tools like word press, Joomla, PHP, latest media software like shockwave, SGI, MIDI and many others. Both of them provide good and easy tools of site building and templates for different formats.

Prices, Customer Support, and Value Added Services 
VEXXHOST web hosting company is very well known for its low pricing schemes for those small business, cottage industries, and common users who have limited budgets for their IT departments. The prices of VEXXHOST start from as low as just $2.49 per month. This is pricing scheme is one the lowest such prices on the market place; and all this without any contract or bond as such. FatCow has also some cheap pricing schemes and plans. There are different types of plans based on year. You can buy a smartest plan for as low as $ 3.15 per month. You can also subscribe for some other suitable plans too.

Both of the companies give you surety of thirty days money back guarantees on its all pricing schemes. Customer support for any sort of technical or commercial issues pertaining to your subscription or your websites is available round the clock on the basis of 24×7 formulas. You can contact through toll free number that is available for only Canada and USA customers. You can contact through online chatting or through email.

Renewable from of energy is used in both of web hosting companies for reducing the footprints of green house gases.

VEXXHOST and FatCow web hosting are great companies with 99.9% of system up time.

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