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June 8, 2012 8:59 pm

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This is very interesting to compare the services of these two Canada based web hosting companies because they share similar type of physical, geographical, and environmental issues and constraints. These both companies offer budget services to their clients. They are similar in most of the cases but there are few differences which will also be described separately.

Difference in the services of Canadian Web hosting and Host Papa

There are many similarities in the services of these two companies but few minor differences are also present there. One of the major differences, which are very notable in terms of commercial perspective, is that Canadian Web hosting Company offers minimum monthly rate as low as $ 3.95 per month on the basis of 5 years plan; while Host Papa Web hosting Company provides the minimum services at the same monthly price based on 3 year plan. Another major difference is that Canadian Web hosting Company offers 60 days money back guarantee plan while Host Papa offers 30 days money back guarantee.

Host Papa uses completely renewable sources of energy and claim 100% green and 0% of green house gas footprint; while the same is not right for Canadian Web hosting Company. Canadian Web hosting Company uses normal form of energy available on the market place and using legacy generating systems.

Ecommerce and paid traffic getting credits policy of Host Papa is better than Canadian Web hosting Company. Host Papa offers great package of credits on different search engines, pay to click sites and social networks; while Canadian Web hosting Company lags behind Host Papa Company.

Canadian Cloud hosting company does not provide unlimited sub domains and unlimited parked domains; while on the other hand Host Papa hosting company provides these features unlimited basis.

Similarities in the services of Canadian Web hosting and Host Papa

There are many similarities in the services and feature of these two companies. Both of these companies provide multiple options for price plans based on different duration based contracts. These both companies offer customer services round the clock with similar type of communication modes available to contact the customer representatives. These representatives can be accessed through emails, toll free numbers, TT systems, instant chatting etc.

Another common feature of these two companies is that they maintain their networks with more that 99.9% of availability so their uptime is also similar. They also offer freedom of similar types of programming technologies like PHP 5, Perl, and many other free scripts etc. Both of companies provide secure access and transportation of data. Both companies offer same type of control panels; they use feature rich c-panel for its great security, reliability, and ease of use.

These both companies provide major features of the services based on unlimited use like unlimited disk space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited emails, unlimited email forwarding, and unlimited add-on domains.

They both provide almost similar types of advance technical features and options like MySQL, Python, SSI, GD Library, and others. Log management and traffic analysis managers are also commonly provided for better business intelligence and other related data mining issues.

In general, all basic components are same but few market related features are different.

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