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‘Destiny:’ Bungie Makes It Harder To Get Exotic Weapons With ‘Three Of Coins’
October 9, 2015 5:45 am|Comments (0)

Last weekend, Guardians all over the world had a field day with a new item in Destiny called the Three Of Coins — a consumable purchased from Xur that raised the chances of getting an exotic engram from the next boss you killed. The thing is, it never specified which boss you had to kill, and so people went off to farm one particular low level Kell to reap the rewards. Don’t expect a repeat this weekend. Bungie has addressed the exploit in a hotfix by reducing the effectiveness of the Three of Coins overall. And so it goes as it always goes in Destiny: exploit goes up, exploit goes down.

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‘Destiny:’ No Nightfall Or Weekly Heroic Strikes This Week
September 7, 2015 7:20 pm|Comments (0)

Hoping to snag a few extra strange coins this week to prepare for the The Taken King when it drops in the 15th? You’re out of luck, unfortunately. There’s no daily, weekly, or nightfall events for Destiny coming with the reset tomorrow, but there should still be plenty of new content for anyone looking to get into the game. Bungie is dropping patch 2.00 for all players tomorrow, regardless of whether they’ve purchased The Taken King or not.

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