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Web Hosting InMotion Hosting and Dot5Hosting – Services’ Analysis
July 11, 2012 11:38 pm|Comments (0)


These two Web Hosting offer the basic services at same price most of the similar features; but still there are few different features in the services provided by InMotion web hosting company and Dot5Hosting Company. We are going to analyze these similar as well as different types of services, which these companies provide to their respective customers.

We are going to describe the difference and similarity in terms of technical, commercial and customer support perspective under respective headings; for both Web Hosting providers.

Technical Aspect

There are many similarities and a few differences of features in the services of these two Web Hosting in term of technical related matters. The major difference of these services is that Dot5Hosting company uses v-Deck Control panel which is a bit different the control panel used in Inmotion web hosting company. InMotion Company uses well known c-panel control panel; this panel has great ease of using and many great security and other features. InMotion provides only 25 sub domains with basic service plan while Dot5Hosting provides it unlimited. Dot5Hosting provides unlimited parked domains while InMotion provides only 6 numbers. InMotion provides FTP account up 1000 while the same is unlimited in Dot5Hosting basic service plan. There is an unlimited MySQL service in Dot5Hosting while the same is not available with InMotion web hosting services.

Now we are going to describe those technical features which are similar in both Web Hosting. Both of these companies give you unlimited disk space and bandwidth for your data storage and data transfer. Both companies provide complimentary data backups and free domain transfer. All hardware and software technologies are almost similar in both companies. You get options of well known developing software and content management tools. You get 99.9% or more uptime in both companies.

Commercial Aspect

Commercially, the basic plan in our consideration for analysis is being offered on the similar price by both of the companies. There are some additional offers based on contracts with both companies; you can get two years or more duration contract for getting better prices and discounts.

Both Web Hosting offer Google ad words and other marketing credits; but Dot5Hosting offers more credit than InMotion does. Dot5Hosting offers Google ads credit of $ 100 plus other social network credit while InMotion gives you only $ 75 Google ads credit.

InMotion provides 90 days money back guarantee for their customers if they are not satisfied with the services while Dot5Hosting offers 30 days money back guarantee to their customers against their investment of the services of Dot5Hosting Company.

Customer Support Aspect

Both Web Hosting Customer support is one the key factor that both companies try to concentrate. They provide technical and commercial related issues support round the clock and seven days a week. Their well trained and skilled customer care representatives can easily be reached with the help of different modes of communications. These include toll free phones, emails, short messaging, instant messaging, and trouble ticking systems.

Both of this Web Hosting provides services at almost same price but features of the services vary substantially from one another.


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