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Web Hosting Yahoo Small Business Hosting & Dream Host – An Analytical View
June 9, 2012 12:50 pm|Comments (0)

Web hosting solutions of Yahoo small business solutions and Dream Host web hosting Company are bit costlier as compared to other such services available on the market place. These services are almost of the same features that are available with any budget web hosting company, but the prices are roughly double. We are going to talk about the services in terms of their features of these two companies.

First of all we are going to analyze about the pricing schemes and related plans of these two companies. Small business solutions of Yahoo are selling their basic web hosting services to the customers on the basis of different time duration plans. They start from one month to one year and more. For just one month you need to pay as much as $ 12.95 per month, and for next three months you need to pay average of $ 8.96 per months, even further for one year you need pay as an average of $ 7.46 per month.

While, as per Dream Host pricing plans, you need pay at the rate of $ 8.95 per month; this offer is also along with free trial period. Dream Host web hosting Company offers 97 days of money back guarantee their customers while Yahoo offers only 30 days money back guarantee to their customers.

Network uptime of these both Web Hosting companies is more than 99.9%; even they claim almost equal to 100% of network uptime excluding regular intimated glitches or degradation of services. They both offer their services on great hardware and software platforms. They use great control panels for their services; both companies use different control panels for their services. They have their own web based solutions which are very effective, easy to use, and secure in terms of network and data security.

They both use secure and open sources platforms like Linux and other open source systems. They offer many features based on unlimited boundaries. These unlimited services include unlimited data disk space, unlimited bandwidth usage, unlimited emails, and others.

Dream Host provides unlimited hosted domains, unlimited MySQL databases, unlimited FTP, SSH, and SFTP users while the same features are limited to certain boundaries in the services of Yahoo small business solutions.

Both these Web Hosting use very secure and robust software for their solutions in their networks. These companies are supported by highly technical experts at back office. Especially, Yahoo is a big name in internet, web hosting, and cloud computing solutions.

Yahoo provides great features of web tools for customizations, reports, analysis, and traffic analysis. Dream Host provides you many e-commerce, and click to install templates and modules for better experience of web hosting.

Customer service and support of both companies is based on round the clock. We skilled and well trained customer representatives are available on different modes of communications like toll free telephone numbers, email systems, instant messaging system, others. Trouble ticking systems of both companies are in place and any complaint can be lodged and followed up till its resolution.

Both Web Hosting have very competitive features in comparison with each other.

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