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VEXXHOST & Eleven2 Hosting The Similarity and Contrast in Features
June 2, 2012 8:45 pm|Comments (0)

Every web hosting company has some special features and qualities that make it different from other ones; meanwhile, it is very necessary that majority of the common features always remain integral part of the services to produce general functionality that is required from that service.

We are going to identify the similar and contrast features of the services of VEXXHOST and Eleven-2 web hosting companies. These features are based on the fact that all every company tries to make their services more attractive for the customers on the market place.

Similar Service Features of Both Companies 
Both of the companies offer majority of the portion of technical services on the same ground. These features include the unlimited domains, and unlimited POP3 inbox services. All of the above mentioned features of the services provided by both VEXXHOST and Eleven-2 companies are similar. Customers get a common bundle of services based on above features. Cutting edge technologies like PHP5, Ruby on Rail, CGI, different content management systems, database management systems, secure Linux environment, and other such technical features are almost similar to each other thus making it same level of services for customers. These both of the companies provide similar level of customer support statistically. They are available on phone lines, chatting, emails, and ticketing systems. But they have different human resources in their teams.

These both companies offer instant setup that is free of cost and domain migration is also provided free of cost. Both of the companies offer more than 99.9% of services availability or system uptime. VEXXHOST and Eleven-2 web hosting companies offer different free services like web builder, website development wizards, templates and many additional features are very common for both of the companies.

Contrast Service Features of Both Companies
One of the major contrasts in the services of above mentioned companies is the usage of different types of control panels. VEXXHOST web hosting company uses c-panel, which is very well known for its simplicity, security, and easy to use nature in the field of web hosting. C-panel is vastly used in this field all around the world. On the other hand Eleven-2 uses E2Panel which is not present pervasively in this field of business. People mostly like C-panel for management system.

Another major contrast in service features is the price. Pricing schemes and plans of VEXXHOST are amazing and so cheap that no one can beat it. Being a budget web hosting company, VEXXHSOT offers very economical packages. The minimum package starts from as low as just $2.49 per month. This is also supported by any time money back guarantee scheme.

Meanwhile, the prices and plans of Eleven-2 web hosting companies are bit costlier. These costs vary in terms of contracts. Your price would be less if you contract with them for long term usage. The minimum price per month stands at $4.95. Another contrast feature is that VEXXHOST offers unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth usage; while Eleven-2 does not do so. It has some barrier on these two factors; although barriers are at high rates.

In the nut shell, VEXXHOST is a fabulous company in terms of different features.

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