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The birth of IT: The IBM System/360 turns 52
April 7, 2016 4:20 pm|Comments (0)

IT can trace its roots back to arguably the most important computer introduction made 52 years ago today. April 7, 1964 was the day IBM introduced its System/360, the first true mainframe for the masses, or at least that’s what it hoped on that day.

IBM said on that day that it announced the S/360 to over 100,000 people gathered in cities across the country.

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It told them: “System/360 represents a sharp departure from concepts of the past in designing and building computers. It is the product of an international effort in IBM’s laboratories and plants and is the first time IBM has redesigned the basic internal architecture of its computers in a decade. The result will be more computer productivity at lower cost than ever before. This is the beginning of a new generation – – not only of computers – – but of their application in business, science and government.”

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