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Hands on with Nura headphones that adapt to your unique hearing profile
July 4, 2016 8:50 am|Comments (0)



Just as with vision, no two people have the same hearing, so why should headphones be one size fits all?

Off the back of a successful Kickstarter that has so far earned A$ 1.2 million ($ 875,395), Melbourne-based startup Nura has created a unique pair of headphones that aim to adapt sound exactly for your ears. On Monday, Nura cofounders Luke Campbell and Kyle Slater dropped by the Mashable Australia office to give a demonstration of the product and talk us through the technology.

Starting in 2015, Campbell and Slater, along with cofounder Dragan Petrovic, decided to try and build a genuinely adaptive pair of headphones. “We all hear differently,” Campbell pointed out. “If we both stand in front of a speaker, we both hear different versions of the same song.” Read more…

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India incredibly unique, valuable market: Microsoft executives
April 3, 2016 6:30 am|Comments (0)

Underlining the importance of the Indian market from the perspective of Cloud computing, Microsoft’s Cloud Platform General Manager Julia White …


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