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Make The Most From Your Web Hosting Efforts By Following These Tips
June 6, 2012 9:42 pm|Comments (0)

Whether you operate a site for personal or commercial purposes, a reliable web hosting service is an absolute must. With so many different options available, however, it can be difficult to find a web hosting service that meets your needs. Fortunately, this article offers a variety of tips and advice that can help to demystify web hosting.

A good web hosting provider should have good, responsive customer service, so be sure to consider this when choosing a host. Find out how quickly they respond to problems or complaints that their customers have. You want to choose a host that will work to quickly and professionally resolve any problems you encounter.

Don’t purchase a web hosting plan just because it offers unlimited disk space or bandwidth. Compare these plans with plans that offer a reasonable amount of space and bandwidth to determine which is the best plan for your needs. Sometimes plans that offer a finite amount of space or bandwidth are better for your particular needs than plans that offer unlimited quantities of space or bandwidth.

When selecting a web host, consider how much the host costs. Some hosts charge on a per-year basis while some may be month-to-month. Look for a host that costs an average of about $5 per month as this will most likely give you a great value for your money as opposed to a free hosting site that may not offer as many options.

Web hosting is a very volatile and risky business. Therefore, the web hosting companies can experience many ups and downs, and many companies do not make it. Therefore, it is important not only to do your research, but make sure you understand the conditions behind the environment. Choose your web hosting company wisely.

When selecting a web host, it’s vital that you choose one that has excellent support. Although it’s important for a host to have lots of experience, they can’t avoid all problems. Something is bound to go wrong at some point. When this occurs, having a solid support system set up is crucial. You can test out a host’s support system by sending in an email or a support ticket. If you don’t receive a response within the next couple of days, then you should probably search for another host.

Web hosts have to update their servers regularly and your site will be unavailable when this occurs. Look for a service that lets you know in advance when your site will be down and which updates their servers at a time of the day where you are not getting a lot of visits.

Many web hosts offer their users multiple packages from which to choose. It is important for you to find a package that fits your needs and that is within your budget. There are some discounts that hosts will offer with their packages. Take the time to ask about the offered discounts.

If you’re thinking about selecting a particular web host, then you should first check out the reviews of their services. However, you should be careful because a lot of reviews can be faked. Make sure that the reviews provide the domain name that the customer uses with the host. If they do, then it’s likely a legitimate review. If the host has a lot of legitimate excellent reviews, then you can be confident that this is an excellent one to choose.

Look for a money back guarantee. Look for a minimum of a 14 to 30 day money back guarantee with any company you are considering as your web host. If a company is reliable as they claim, they should be willing to back that claim up. This will also allow you to really get a good look at the company and experience their service before you lose your money for good.

You need to find a host that offers 24/7 customer support. Issues can arise at any hour of the day and you need to work with a web host that will be able to help you right away so that your site works the way that it is supposed to work.

The information you have just read will make it easier to make your website and content available to your target audience. The right web hosting provider can make a world of difference in the speed, quality and efficiency of your website.

Keep these tips in mind as you explore your different options.

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VEXXHOST & Eleven2 Hosting The Similarity and Contrast in Features
June 2, 2012 8:45 pm|Comments (0)

Every web hosting company has some special features and qualities that make it different from other ones; meanwhile, it is very necessary that majority of the common features always remain integral part of the services to produce general functionality that is required from that service.

We are going to identify the similar and contrast features of the services of VEXXHOST and Eleven-2 web hosting companies. These features are based on the fact that all every company tries to make their services more attractive for the customers on the market place.

Similar Service Features of Both Companies 
Both of the companies offer majority of the portion of technical services on the same ground. These features include the unlimited domains, and unlimited POP3 inbox services. All of the above mentioned features of the services provided by both VEXXHOST and Eleven-2 companies are similar. Customers get a common bundle of services based on above features. Cutting edge technologies like PHP5, Ruby on Rail, CGI, different content management systems, database management systems, secure Linux environment, and other such technical features are almost similar to each other thus making it same level of services for customers. These both of the companies provide similar level of customer support statistically. They are available on phone lines, chatting, emails, and ticketing systems. But they have different human resources in their teams.

These both companies offer instant setup that is free of cost and domain migration is also provided free of cost. Both of the companies offer more than 99.9% of services availability or system uptime. VEXXHOST and Eleven-2 web hosting companies offer different free services like web builder, website development wizards, templates and many additional features are very common for both of the companies.

Contrast Service Features of Both Companies
One of the major contrasts in the services of above mentioned companies is the usage of different types of control panels. VEXXHOST web hosting company uses c-panel, which is very well known for its simplicity, security, and easy to use nature in the field of web hosting. C-panel is vastly used in this field all around the world. On the other hand Eleven-2 uses E2Panel which is not present pervasively in this field of business. People mostly like C-panel for management system.

Another major contrast in service features is the price. Pricing schemes and plans of VEXXHOST are amazing and so cheap that no one can beat it. Being a budget web hosting company, VEXXHSOT offers very economical packages. The minimum package starts from as low as just $2.49 per month. This is also supported by any time money back guarantee scheme.

Meanwhile, the prices and plans of Eleven-2 web hosting companies are bit costlier. These costs vary in terms of contracts. Your price would be less if you contract with them for long term usage. The minimum price per month stands at $4.95. Another contrast feature is that VEXXHOST offers unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth usage; while Eleven-2 does not do so. It has some barrier on these two factors; although barriers are at high rates.

In the nut shell, VEXXHOST is a fabulous company in terms of different features.

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VEXXHOST & FireHost Companies A Comparative Analysis of Cloud Hosting Services
June 2, 2012 8:36 pm|Comments (0)

There is no web hosting company that can match VEXXHOST for its most competitive combination of price and quality. Similarly, its pricing schemes are also unique and most competitive than all other cloud hosting companies too.

In the field of cloud hosting, there are many great features of VXXHOST Company that make it standout of other big companies. We are going to describe few such exciting features of cloud hosting services of this company in comparison with those of FireHost cloud hosting company. We are going to compare the features in terms of technical features and commercial features.

Technical Cloud Hosting Features
VEXXHOST cloud hosting offers great technical features on its services to its customers. For a very basic and minimum cloud hosting solutions, VEXXHOST offers from 36 GB to 108 GB of disk space, monthly data transfer of ranges from 1Tera Byte to 3Tera Bytes. MySQL databases, allowed websites, POP3 inboxes, and other such features are unlimited in the bundled service of VEXXHOST. Unlimited parked domains, sub domains, add-on domains, and email forwarding are unlimited too. They hosting environment is fully dedicated and isolated environment; with great flexibility and scalability within the time of minutes or even seconds. You are also provided the interface for C-panel as system management system for easy and secure management. VESSHOST provides high level of systems and network availability up to 99.9%. Fully managed services of a dedicated network operation center are available that operates round the clock.

FireHost offers its basis service starting from disk space of 84 GB data, flexible and independent CPU and RAM volumes, 8 core processors, bandwidth usages of about 1Tera Bytes, unlimited parked domains, add-on domains, unlimited POP3 emails, unlimited email forwarding, and other such common features. They provide great security mechanisms including hardware firewall; VMware based virtualization and cloud computing, and security measures. Cross-platforms like Windows and Linux are used for their different services virtually.

Commercial Cloud Hosting Features
As far as the commercial features are concerned, VEXXHOST cloud hosting commercial features are far better than FireHost cloud hosting company. VEXXHOST cloud hosting offers a minimum package of above mentioned features at as low as just $69.95 per month. This price is supported by the provision of any time money back guarantee. The customer support team is available round the clock to provide the world class support the queries and troubles of the customers. A highly skilled and dedicated network operation center team is always available look after the smooth operation of the systems. VEXXHOST also provide you the instant setup of your cloud hosting solution without any charges or fees. You can also get the free domain migration support.

FireHost is among the most competitive pricing company on the market place. Its minimum package with above mentioned features starts from as low as just $200 per month. You can modify the requirements in just the matter of minutes as per your needs. You get good customer support round the clock along with a technical expert team available at NOC round the clock to address any technical queries and problems.

Overall package of VEXXHOST with features and prices is matchless on cloud hosting market place.

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Your Guide To The Perfect Web Host
June 1, 2012 11:34 pm|Comments (0)

Considering the amount of time that any professional website will be up and running once it’s finally kicked-off, it only makes sense to choose your web host wisely. It’s not uncommon for people to rush into this decision and regret later, when their sites become popular and the hosts cut their bandwidth or demand more money. This article will teach you how to avoid some common pitfalls like that and prepare for a brighter domain. Continue reading

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Web Hosting Secrets For Saving Money And Time
May 28, 2012 11:17 am|Comments (0)

Many people assume that web hosting companies are all the same, but that is certainly not the case. There are many shady companies out there looking to take advantage of inexperienced website owners, and if you aren’t educated on what to look out for, then you could be out a lot of money. This article offers some helpful advice so you know if your web hosting provider is legitimate, and offers a quality service.

Continue reading

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How To Find A Web Host Easily And Quickly
April 12, 2012 6:45 pm|Comments (0)

Whether you’re looking to change web hosts or you’re starting a site for the first time, you need to find the right host for your requirements. To find out what you need to look for — and what to look out for — take a look at these tips that will help you find a great web hosting provider. Continue reading

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