VEXXHOST & BlueHost Providers – How to Compare Web Hosting Services?

June 2, 2012 8:41 pm

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The web hosting services of different providers are compared in terms of their features, attributes, plans, availability, smoothness, and the quality of the services. In fact, pricing, customer services, and money back guarantees are few very key factors which help in comparing the hosting services of different companies.

We are going to compare web hosting services of VEXXHOST and BlueHost in terms of above mentioned features and qualities.

Service Features
We describe the key features of above mentioned two companies as separated below. VEXXHOST services are known for their great features and attributes which are very exciting for a customer to enjoy. These features include, but not limited to, unlimited disk space, unlimited add-on domains, unlimited bandwidth use, unlimited POP3 inbox, unlimited number of websites allowed, and many more. Few other features associated to these services are free and instant setup, different website advertising credits, Linux secure environment, c-panel access, best quality software and web content management tools, great support for different multimedia software and applications, and complete statistics of website visitor data. All these services combine in a jumbo service pack that is very low priced starting from just $2.49 per month. These prices are also supported with any time money back guarantee of the company.

BlueHost web hosting company is one of the companies that offer very competitive prices and bundled service to their customers. The main features of BlueHost web hosting company include unlimited file transfer, disk space, domain hosting, email accounts, and FTP accounts. These services also include secure shell, FTP, SSL, and website statistics. MySQL database, CGI, ruby on rail (ROR), and PHP are some other features of the services of BlueHost. BlueHost uses C-panel as their control panel to provide the best quality services to the customers. They provide good services with very reasonable pricing schemes. The minimum pricing schemes start from as low as just $4.59 per month. Any time money back guarantee is also available with all offers. Instant setup of the services is free of cost.

Customer Support & Service Availability
Customer support is considered as one of the major element of the web hosting services. It will take your quality of services to new heights when a customer who is in need of some help and good help is provided to him or her.

VEXXHOST has very well trained, and mannered customer support team that provides the support to customers 24×7 with a smile. They guide the customer to resolution or provide resolution of any problem by themselves. The network and systems’ uptime or availability is another great feature that must be considered on top priority. VEXXHOST provides the uptime of 99.9% to its customers.

BlueHost web hosting company provides its customers with 24×7 customer support and gets the customers issue resolved in predefined times. Customer can contact though telephone, chatting, email, or ticketing system for any query. The network uptime of BlueHost networks is more than 99.9%.

We have seen that majority of the features of the services are almost same with a little difference. That difference makes the difference too.

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