VEXXHOST & FireHost Companies A Comparative Analysis of Cloud Hosting Services

June 2, 2012 8:36 pm

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There is no web hosting company that can match VEXXHOST for its most competitive combination of price and quality. Similarly, its pricing schemes are also unique and most competitive than all other cloud hosting companies too.

In the field of cloud hosting, there are many great features of VXXHOST Company that make it standout of other big companies. We are going to describe few such exciting features of cloud hosting services of this company in comparison with those of FireHost cloud hosting company. We are going to compare the features in terms of technical features and commercial features.

Technical Cloud Hosting Features
VEXXHOST cloud hosting offers great technical features on its services to its customers. For a very basic and minimum cloud hosting solutions, VEXXHOST offers from 36 GB to 108 GB of disk space, monthly data transfer of ranges from 1Tera Byte to 3Tera Bytes. MySQL databases, allowed websites, POP3 inboxes, and other such features are unlimited in the bundled service of VEXXHOST. Unlimited parked domains, sub domains, add-on domains, and email forwarding are unlimited too. They hosting environment is fully dedicated and isolated environment; with great flexibility and scalability within the time of minutes or even seconds. You are also provided the interface for C-panel as system management system for easy and secure management. VESSHOST provides high level of systems and network availability up to 99.9%. Fully managed services of a dedicated network operation center are available that operates round the clock.

FireHost offers its basis service starting from disk space of 84 GB data, flexible and independent CPU and RAM volumes, 8 core processors, bandwidth usages of about 1Tera Bytes, unlimited parked domains, add-on domains, unlimited POP3 emails, unlimited email forwarding, and other such common features. They provide great security mechanisms including hardware firewall; VMware based virtualization and cloud computing, and security measures. Cross-platforms like Windows and Linux are used for their different services virtually.

Commercial Cloud Hosting Features
As far as the commercial features are concerned, VEXXHOST cloud hosting commercial features are far better than FireHost cloud hosting company. VEXXHOST cloud hosting offers a minimum package of above mentioned features at as low as just $69.95 per month. This price is supported by the provision of any time money back guarantee. The customer support team is available round the clock to provide the world class support the queries and troubles of the customers. A highly skilled and dedicated network operation center team is always available look after the smooth operation of the systems. VEXXHOST also provide you the instant setup of your cloud hosting solution without any charges or fees. You can also get the free domain migration support.

FireHost is among the most competitive pricing company on the market place. Its minimum package with above mentioned features starts from as low as just $200 per month. You can modify the requirements in just the matter of minutes as per your needs. You get good customer support round the clock along with a technical expert team available at NOC round the clock to address any technical queries and problems.

Overall package of VEXXHOST with features and prices is matchless on cloud hosting market place.

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