VEXXHOST WebHosting Company Became Official Control Panel Partner

June 19, 2012 3:07 pm

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The identified web hosting news composed that VEXXHOST is well known Canadian web hosting service provider that provides very affordable fully featured shared web hosting from $2.49 month and superior cloud servers. Based on company CEO, 29 May 2011 identified Canadian shared and cloud hosting provider VEXXHOST became the official partner of control panel Inc.

cPanel Inc provides cpanel software for website hosts. control panel is well known software, hosting cpanel with front user and backend admin web interface. control panel helps thousand of website hosts to manage their hosting business. cpanel software has reputation of most advanced cpanel on the web hosting market with great number of features. control panel also is the most famous hosting cpanel around the world.

Here is what VEXXHOST CEO said about the partnership with control panel Inc:
“Its great news for us and our clients to be official partner of control panel. It opens new abilities for us in terms of providing unique hosting solutions for better pricing and closely cooperate with control panel in terms of development and improvment of their great products” – saying CEO of VEXXHOST. We can only congratulate VEXXHOST with this important step in their self-development as hosting company.

Datacenter has that their advanced Data-center enables Vexxhost to roll out the most recent technologies as they are released. The larger and sophisticated infrastructure lets them for future growth while leaving a large overhead for large usage spikes. The whole Datacenter is run by renewable hydroelectric energy that makes them among the rare Data center with a low environmental impact.

Cisco will be the market’s leader in networking equipment, they have an incredibly well-known reputation for their reliable equipment. Our networking hardware is powered by Cisco routers & switches. The level of redundancy on our network permits us to sustain multiple & simultaneous network hardware failures, as well as connectivity losses. We operate our own network that employs BGP that may tolerate numerous provider problems.

Green Hosting
We have replaced our UPS systems with a more advanced DRUPS system. A DRUPS comprises an electric motor, a fly-wheel along with a diesel generator. Under normal operation the primary power drives the fly-wheel and generator offering the data centre. In the event of a primary power failure, the kinetic energy within the fly-wheel keeps the system running as the diesel engine starts and so the generator gets control of.

Contrary to most common Internet hosting providers, we pride ourselves of employing their hardware. Most hosting companies choose to build their own servers, which could never be as reliable as Dell servers, primarily because of the high degree of testing in Dell servers; hardware compatibility has run out of the equation.

We believe in simplicity and ease of use, when you submit a ticket, it’s reviewed by our system engineers plus they solve the ticket directly, regardless of the level of complexity. If you are having issues installing a script or complex issues for example settings problems on servers, you’re going to get a quick to-the-point reply.

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