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EIG (Endurance International Group), the owner of a couple of dozens of powerful brands such as IPOWERWEB and Powweb had started another venture named Dot5Hosting sometime in 2002. Since their inception, this unique domain provider has paved their way towards ultimate success by putting together hosting plans that can cater to the needs of people from all ranges.

Features and Control Panel 
Dot5Hosting network provided by this hosting company based on attached storage, which is an enabler of accessing the data of any customer using any machine. All the machines in the network is clustered in a way that each of them work as if they are identical to the others and in case of any of them crashed, the identical machine can take charge of that. Besides, all the machines have their mirror storage system which can provide data back in case of the primary unit fails to serve. The service speed of the servers is about 5.5 GB per second. Dot5Hosting has a NextGen hosting management system named vDeck . This type of control panel is considered to be the state of the art solution for hosting. The breed system technology is the best served in this control panel and it is also well known for its unprecedented performance as a virtual eBusiness manager. The website building, publishing, script installation, email management, shopping cart set up and website marketing- all are at the finger tips of the customers with this amazing vDeck control panel.

Performance and Reliability  
Dot5Hosting works with two data centers. One of the data center is in Boston. Both the data centers have a combined space of 2400 sq. feet. There are about, 800 Servers which has a storace capacity of half a Petabyte. Security is assigned in both the centers for: 24×7. Both A/C and D/C power systems are available for these centers and they run on similar network architecture and with the same type of network equipments. The pooled environment enables any one of the server to access files in a site, when a request comes. This makes the whole website loading process really fast. The servers architecture is efficient and each machine can be customized to the performed services. Therefore the density per box is higher referring to the quicker and more dependable services. And not a single rack serves to a pool. So in case the switch of a rack is devoid of power, the service pool will not be let down.

Over the last decade after they started their business journey, their unparallel service had been able to win a number of recognized awards. A few to name are Hosting Review’s Best Budget Host and Top-10-Web-Hosting’s Best Web Host.  Their service range starts from as low as only 5.99 USD/month.

Customer Support
The best quality service provided by Dot5Hosting for its customers is not expensive at all. And with this affordable hosting facility, the customers are also entitled to the world class support and service offered by the company. Dot5Hosting has made their call centers available for 24×7 for their customers so that the customers can get any sort of technical help whenever they need.

This company is very serious about technical and customer support as they believe that if they do not take good care of the customers, these customers will be taken by someone else in the industry.

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Posted by Richard Diez Rating: 4.5Rating: 4.5Rating: 4.5Rating: 4.5Rating: 4.5
January 13, 2013 at 5:35 pm

I used Dor5Hosting and it sure rocks, why? it gives accurate and detailed results. And it also provides with great support.

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