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One of the crucial roles for a web hosting company is to provide you the best possible web administrative tools and the internet connection, so that you can establish your website on your requirements.

FatCow Hosting is one such hosting company established in 1998 that excels in service quality and affordability. Both commercial and non commercial users can avail the services from FatCow Hosting service as their service plan has a wide range of variety. The customers can expect to get a complete control and seamless and flexible user experience in terms of web hosting experience.

Features and Control Panel:
There are tons of interesting features offered by FatCow Hosting service. The servers employed in the FATCOW network ensures that the customers can avail a super fast internet download or upload service since the connection between the servers are basically of multi GB connection speed. And this speed is offered redundantly allowing reliable multi GB data transfer with a maximum speed and bandwidth allowance for the customers without much of a problem. The control panel provided by the hosting service is user friendly and let the users manage their accounts comfortably and efficiently. They support most of the script languages and have a number of in built facilities like Joomla, wordpress for the benefits of the customers.

Performance and Reliability:
FatCow Hosting service has a system for maintaining daily sever backups so that they can make sure that if any data is lost, that can be retrieved at some point. And this backup system is not actually provided by other budget hosting services. And in first place, to prevent data loss, this hosting service arranges a backup generator in case of power failure. And there is also an active monitoring system that continues to work round the clock to make sure that there is no problem with the servers or the infrastructure system. Their 99.824% server uptime shows their performance as a hosting provider and proves them as a highly reliable one.

In FatCow Hosting, you will get an unbelievable package of unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited domains and the price for suc an amazing process will cost you only $44 for an annual subscription period.

Customer Support: 
The courteous and polite support team members welcome the customers with any query. The 24/7 toll free telephone availability has made their customer service department quite available. The highest level of politeness and courtesy of this specific department is simply one of a kind and the customers are expected to get an answer within a real short time. The customer service department at FatCow Hosting is famous and loved for their super fast response turnaround and their in-depth knowledge about the solutions to the customers’ problems.

Anyone looking for a fast, reliable, yet cheap hosting service to host their websites, this is going to be the best choice for them as no other budget service is able to offer such a wide range of benefits to the customers at such an unbelievable price.

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Customer Reviews

Posted by Gus Rating: 3Rating: 3Rating: 3
January 16, 2013 at 5:29 pm

I had issues with my email and they kept saying the issues was fix but it was not. I had to be the to explain how to repeat the issue and fix the issue. I am not a tech why should I have to be the one to fix there servers. Bad customer service and very bad tech support. The low cost is nice but the amount of money I lost because of them is in the 1000’s. NEVER USE THEM! If you business relies on them you will regret it.

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